5 Reasons Hualibao’s Adhesive carpet protector film is the Best

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During remodeling, or painting jobs, carpets may suffer from damages, requiring you to buy a new carpet or repair the existing one. Then do it time and again as and when the existing one suffers damages. However, Hualibao’s adhesive carpet protector film is a sustainable solution to this concern. Let us see how.

Why Choose Hualibao’s Carpet Film?

One of the leading manufacturers of adhesive carpet protector films, Hualibao offers superior carpet films to ensure optimal protection to carpets, irrespective of their use, area, and material. But what makes Hualibao’s carpet films the best in the business? Let us look at five factors that answer this question.

1. High-Quality Plastic Cover Film

The protector film comprises a high tack self-adhering plastic cover film that sticks to the surface firmly and prevents dirt and contaminants from touching the carpet and damaging it. Additionally, it is highly resistant to tears and offers exclusive protection when the surrounding structures undergo a painting or a redecoration job.

2. The thickness of the Protective Film

The thickness of the protective film is 50 – 100 microns (2 – 4 mil), which is good enough to offer excellent protection to the carpet and prevent it from damages during heavy foot traffic hours, or renovation jobs.

3. Adhesive Capacity

The adhesion capacity of the carpet is in the range of 500 and 1000g/ 25mm (16 – 35 oz). It glues the protective film to the carpet well. However, at the same time, while removing, the film neither tears the carpet nor leaves any residue. So both installing the carpet as well as removing it is simple and hassle-free.

4. Long-Lasting and Durable

The protective film is strong, thick, and durable enough to last for 60 days after installation. Factors such as heavy foot traffic and renovation jobs pose minimal to no impact on the carpet.

5. Tensile Strength

Hualibao’s adhesive carpet protector film has a high tensile strength, which is >2000 PSI. The strength makes the carpet film appropriate for heavy-duty applications and a high puncture protective carpet film.

Some Additional Facts About the Carpet Protection Film

  1. The film is reverse wound for easy and hassle-free application

  2. It comprises an exclusive blend of polyethylene that provides high-resistance to punctures and tears

  3. Besides, it features an exclusively formulated adhesive system that ensures absolutely no adhesive transfer when the film is applied for 60 days.

Hualibao – Manufacturer of Top-Quality Carpet Film

Hualibao is a 20-year-old and one of the top-notch adhesive carpet film manufacturers in China. The company is a provincial high-tech enterprise primarily engaged in the design and manufacturing of surface protection products. It offers integrated and end-to-end product lines and solutions to a broad array of clients.

The company has been the proud recipient of over 20 awards and is known for manufacturing excellence, timely delivery, and an innovative product range. For more information, or to connect with Hualibao’s experts, call at +86 137-9004-9657, or write an email to javierxie@hualibao.com.cn.