A Few Questions Associated with Black and white Protective Film

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Hualibao is the leading protective film manufacturer in China. One of the company’s products includes black and white protective film, used to protect stainless steel, mirror plates, etc. If you want to buy Hualibao’s blue protection film, reading this blog, answering a few essential questions associated with the product, proves helpful.

7 Questions Associated with Hualibao’s Black and white Protective Film

  1. What are some of the essential product specifications of the blue protective film?

The below table answers your questions about the specifications of Hualibao’s black and white protective film.



0.03 – 2   mm


10 –   1560 mm


50 –   2000 mm

Colors   Available

Black   and White and Transparent Blue

Adhesive   Used

Water-based   acrylic, solvent resin acrylic


Maximum   three colors on the surface


Low to   high, 10-800g/ 25 mm


2. What are the benefits of using Hualibao’s blue protection film, and black and white protection film?

Some of the advantages of the product include,

-        You can paste the film easily, with minimal effort

-        Further, you can remove the film easily. The film does not leave any residue after removal

-        The film is alkali-resistant, acid-resistant, anti-corrosion, and moisture-proof

-        The film is eco-friendly. Besides, it is durable, safe and recyclable

-        The film has multiple applications


3.      What are the various applications of the protective film?

You can protect 304, 430, 316L, 202, SUS201, 321, and 302 series stainless steel, along with bright and matt stainless steel through the film during critical processes such as punching, shearing, welding, bending, storage, transportation and installation. You can apply the film through hands or use a machine to do, whichever suits the application. Besides, no matter the application, you can remove the film, with minimal effort and without residue.

4.  How to use Hualibao’s blue protective film, or black and white protective film?

Here are some instructions to apply the blue protective film, or black and white protective film.

-        Ensure that the surface involved is free of the presence of oil, solvents, dust, or other chemicals.

-        Maintain a surface and surrounding temperature of 15 to 40 degree Celsius for best protective results

-        Make use of laminating machines with rubber coated press rollers

-        Minimize, or try to avoid film elongation. Do not allow air bubbles and folds to form during lamination

-        It is advised to remove the film in a temperature range of five degree Celsius to 40 degree Celsius

-        Do not remove the film if the temperature is below five degree Celsius

-        Remember, the film is not suitable for extreme thermoforming.


5.      Is it possible to customize blue protective film, or black and white protective film?

Yes. Hualibao can adjust the thickness, length, color, width, and adhesion based on your products and application requirements. So, you do not have to adjust, or wonder how to adjust the protective film on your product. These customization capabilities, and adherence to instructions, can help you achieve the best protective results.

6.  In what kind of packings is the protective film transported?

The protective film can be transported in multiple packing forms. A couple of them include palette packing and carton packing. Besides these, the packing can be customized to meet your specific packing and safety needs.

7. Why should you choose Hualibao for black and white protective film, and blue protective film?

Some of the reasons that make Hualibao the best for protective films include,

-        Excellent product quality

-        Apt for multiple applications

-        High customization capabilities

-        Simplified and efficient application

-        Products are a result of extensive research

-        Excellent durability and optimal strength

-        Shortest possible lead time (ten to 24 days)

-        Continual improvement approach

-        State-of-the-art manufacturing unit

-        Latest protective film manufacturing technology

-        Stringent quality check processes

For more information, or to talk to Hualibao’s experts, call +86 137-9004-9657, or write an email to javierxie@hualibao.com.cn to discuss your needs in detail.