Why are Aluminium Profile Protection Films Durable?

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Durability is one of the most significant factors that drive the choice of aluminium profile protection film. However, which features make aluminium protection films durable and strong? Hualibao, one of the leading manufacturers of aluminium profile protection films in China, answers the question.

4 Features of an Aluminium Profile Protection Film that Contribute to its durability

Let us take a look at four features that make aluminium profile protection films a durable protective coating.

1.    Anti-UV Protective Layer

One of the first reasons that make aluminium profile protection films a durable coating is the presence of the UV layer that protects the underlying surface from the harmful ultraviolet radiations of the sun. So, factors such as extreme heat and temperature keep the protective layer unperturbed for a long time.

   2.  Customized Film Thickness

The thickness of the film is usually 30 microns to 200 microns. However, the thickness can be customized based on the protective needs of the surface. The customized thickness contributes to the durability of the film. It protects the surface well and keeps it secure from a range of harmful external elements.

   3.     Self-Develop Adhesive

Aluminium protection films have an excellent self-developed adhesive for various metals, depending on the roughness of the surface. For instance, for anodized, smooth powder coating aluminium profiles and sheets, the adhesion applied is medium. On the other hand, high adhesion is used for sand coated and rough surfaces of aluminium sheets and profiles. The high-quality adhesive keeps the protective film stable and protects it sustainably.

   4.     Resistant Properties

Apart from the above, aluminium profile protection films offer acid resistance properties, protection from moisture, alkali-resistance, and anti-corrosive characteristics. These elements protect the film from acidic material and moisture built-up and corrosion that may take place over a while.

When is Aluminium Profile Protection Film the Most Durable?

Aluminium profile protection coating works best when the following precautions are taken.

-        The temperature is 15 degree Celsius to 40 degree Celsius

-        If you minimize or eliminate film elongation or the formation of bubbles and folds during the lamination process

-        If the film is not used for extreme thermoforming

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