Why is Hualibao the Best Electrostatic Film Manufacturer in China?

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Electrostatic films comprise an electrostatic fluid, co-extruded on the surface of the original PE film to serve as an adhesive. As a result, an electrostatic film is also termed self-adhered tape, non-gel, or non-glue film. These films use their electrostatic adsorption force as the self-adhesive force. The criticality of electrostatic films makes the choice of electrostatic film manufacture equally crucial. Hualibao proves the best partner in this regard. Let us see why.

Reasons Hualibao is the Best Electrostatic Film Manufacturer in China

From product excellence to excellent product features, Hualibao gives many reasons that make it the best electrostatic film manufacturer in China. Please take a look at some of them.

1. Product Excellence

Hualibao is a two-decade-old electrostatic film manufacturer with an extensive product range, including electrostatic films. The company manufactures the best-quality electrostatic films through integrated and end-to-end product lines. It has a dedicated research and development center that enables efficient product designs and a manufacturing setup that ensures production and product excellence.

Additionally, Hualibao’s electrostatic films undergo several stringent quality checks to ensure that every product it manufactures lives up to its reputation as the best electrostatic film manufacturer in China.

2.  Multiple Applications

Hualibao manufactures electrostatic films apt for multiple applications. It includes plastic sheets, injection parts protection such as PMMA, PP, PVC, ABS, PA, PS, aluminum alloy, copper foil, aluminum foil, anodized surface, galvanized steel, stainless steel, inorganic glass, plexiglass, artificial crystal, painting parts, oil spraying parts shielding, and color protection. Additionally, the film can be used backlight panel, LCD, cold light panel, light guide panel, mobile phone screen protection, film switch, and many others.

3. Exclusive Features

As one of the leading electrostatic film manufacturers in China, Hualibao offers electrostatic films with multiple features and specifications that include customizable thickness (30-50 micros (normal) and 30-80 microns (customizable), high transparency color, adequate width of 1000 – 1300mm and cut into narrow widths like 100/200/500mm, sufficient length of 200/400/500/1000/2000 meter per roll, adhesion of 0.5-300g/ 25mm.

Besides, the film’s temperature resistance (below 70 degrees Celsius) and the premium quality of 100% pure new LDPE material as the substrate signify its uniqueness in China’s competitive electrostatic film manufacturing space.

4. Guaranteed Customer Satisfaction

Availability of premium quality products forms one of the exclusive advantages associated with Hualibao’s electrostatic films. Hualibao’s electrostatic films are a product of extensive research, manufacturing excellence achieved through a continuous improvement approach and state-of-the-art manufacturing setup. The products are designed to meet consumer needs and offer the highest levels of adhesion efficiency.

5. Qualified Research, Design, and Production Engineers

Of course, Hualibao’s research-based products form a significant reason for its success and its leading position in China’s electrostatic film manufacturing market. However, the company’s qualified team of researchers, designers, and production engineers work behind the scenes to make everything that the company’s consumers want possible. Hualibao’s various teams put in wholehearted efforts to manufacture electrostatic films that enable the company to live up to its reputation as the best electrostatic film manufacturer in China.

Benefits of Hualibao’s Electrostatic Films

Please take a look at some of the benefits of Hualibao’s electrostatic films.

  1. Adequate thickness and sufficient width for better protection

  2. Strong self-adhesion force and capabilities

  3. High-temperature resistance

  4. Suitable for multiple applications and multiple surfaces

  5. Easy to apply and peel off without damaging the surface underneath it

  6. 100% pure new LDPE material as the substrate

  7. It can be cut into narrow widths

Hualibao – The Top Electrostatic Film Manufacturer

Incepted in 2000, Hualibao is the top electrostatic film manufacturer in China. The company manufactures top-quality and efficient electrostatic films to serve various applications. The company boasts an extensive network of distributors and a strong consumer base across Chinese industrial and domestic consumers. For additional information, or connect with Hualibao’s experts, call at +86 137-9004-9657, or write an email to javierxie@hualibao.com.cn.