How to Use Transfer Paper for PVC Decals

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Hualibao Co., Ltd. is a protection paper supplier mainly engaged in design and manufacturing of Transfer Paper for die cut graphics printing and transfer paper for PVC decals along with other exquisite products such as protective films, carpet films, embossed films, etc. Founded in 2000, we are spread across an area of 53,000 square meters and have more than 300 employees.

In the protective film industry, Hualibao has the most integrated, end-to-end product lines and solutions. We provide scientific technology and assured products for surface protection solutions for customers from all over the world, and we continuously satisfy every customer by more professional and international services.

We stick to our company’s faith by exerting teamwork spirit and taking the opportunity of being a Dragon Enterprise in Shunde to build a leading company which possesses a core competitive ability, independent innovation capability and international competitiveness in the protective film industry.


What is the role of a transfer paper for die cut graphics printing/transfer paper for PVC decals?

The role of transfer paper is to allow the font and pattern to be displayed on the surface of the product in a standard and unbiased manner. The transfer paper is an intermediate carrier that carries PVC decals, die-cut graphics or printed pattern transfer to a certain object, such as glass door, advertising banner, car, motor bike, container and so on.

The transfer paper usually comes in a standard roll format. It is wrapped with bubble film or paper board, and then put into cartons and stacked on pallets as per export packing requirement. (We also cater to special packaging requirements.)

What are some material uses?

  1. General Purpose Sign Applications and surface protection.

  2. Die cut Graphics transfer.

  3. PVC Decals transfer

  4. Vinyl Premasks

  5. Screen Printing Transfer

  6. Digital Printing Transfer


How to Use Transfer Paper for Die Cut Graphics Printing/Transfer Paper for PVC Decals

  1. Before starting with the process, make sure the surface is dry and clean. Cut out a small piece of transfer paper tape with scissors to stick on, tear off if there is no broken.

  2. Cover transfer paper tape on the stick and press it with a ruler or palm to make it more bonded with the sticker.

  3. To save cost, the layout is more compact when the picture is larger, so the scissors are cut separately and transferred separately.

  4. Tear off the paste, stick it on the surface, and press it repeatedly to make it more fit with your decals.

  5. Tear off transfer paper tape tenderly.

  6. It is better to keep the overlap between 3 and 6 mm.

  7. When tearing off the transfer paper tape, be sure to move slowly.


Hualibao Co., Ltd has won 20+ awards and has a partnership with 50+ countries making it a leading protection paper supplier. Our area of service is vast, and we are proud to deliver the best of products to our clients worldwide.