HUALIBAO Variety Of Protective Films For Aluminum And Stainless Steel Profiles

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Hualibao Co., Ltd. is a provincial high-tech enterprise mainly engaged in design and manufacturing of surface protection products. Founded in 2000, Hualibao covers an area of 53,000 square meters and has employs more than 300. 

In the protective film industry, Hualibao has the most integrated, end-to-end product lines and solutions. We provide scientific technology and satisfied products for surface protection solutions for customers from all over the world, and we continuously satisfy every customer by more professional and international service.


The Best Aluminum Profile Protection Film Supplier


Aluminum profile protective film is a protection of plastic film pasted to the aluminum material. The purpose is to protect the produced aluminum material from damage during a series of processes such as handling, inventory, transportation, processing, and installation, so as to avoid harmful gases and microorganisms. Keep the original high finish on the surface of the product from corrosion, dust pollution, mechanical scratches, scratches, etc. After our aluminum profile protective film

installation of the aluminum material is completed, it will be torn off by the installation engineering team, so that the surface of the aluminum material is as clean as new.



There are many types of aluminum products on the market, and the processing technology of aluminum protective films has also been continuously improved. Various aluminum surface treatment technologies include mechanical polishing, chemical polishing, anodic oxidation coloring, electrophoretic painting, chemical coloring, fluorocarbon spraying, electrostatic powder spraying, surface pattern treatment, etc.; different aluminum surfaces need different Adhesive protective film, and Aluminum profile protective film protective film products generally have 4 majorities. Low viscosity, medium viscosity, high viscosity and extra high viscosity; the colors are transparent, milky white, blue, black and white, etc.; the thickness is 30 ~ 200μm, so it needs to be based on aluminum Different protective films are used for different surfaces.



Aluminum Protective Film features as below


1.Anti-UV added in this adhesive film, last for 1 year outdoor.

2.Perfect protection for aluminum sheet, ACP, anodized, powder coated profiles.

3.Film thickness, adhesion, roll size can be made as requirement

4.Printing can be made with maximum 3 different colors on the adhesive films.

5.Excellent self-developed adhesive, adhere well, easy to move without any residue.


The Best Protection Film For Stainless Steel Supplier

Stainless Steel Protective Film

1.Suitable for mirror plate and other steel with treatment of stain finish, acid pickling, polishing, sand blasting, etc.

2.Suitable for deep drawing process.

3.We can make printing as customer’s needs, maximum 3 colors.

4.Thickness, width, length, color, adhesion all can be adjusted according to your products and requirement.