The 20th anniversary for Hualibao - Aim to be better and stronger manufacturer for protection film.

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Guangdong Hualibao Co., LTD., founded in 2000, mainly produces PE protective film, electronic film, embossed film, electrostatic film, home appliance film series, carpet film series, PET protective film, BOPP protective film, CPP protective film, positioning paper and other products. HLB has complete protective film series, end-to-end product lines and product solutions.

Guangdong Hualibo Co., LTD strives for development by science and technology, strives for survival by quality, strives for efficiency by management, strives for unceasing self-improvement, carries on things with great virtue. In order to adapt to the revolutionary changes in the protective film industry, Guangdong Hualibao will continue to innovate according to the needs of customers, open up and cooperate with partners, devote itself to the solutions of protective film products, continuously improve customer service experience, and create greater value for customers. On the occasion of the 20th anniversary of the establishment of the company, Hualibao is determined to continue to grow and become an excellent and strong leader in the proective film industry!