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Hualibao Aluminum Profile Protection Film Black And White Transparent Printed Adhesive Protective Tape

The protection film of aluminum profile is mainly used for the surface protection of all kinds of aluminum profile, plate and sheet, such as various specifications of aluminum plate, aluminum alloy polishing surface, frosted surface, brushed surface; It plays important role in the process of transportation, storage and die-cut processing surface protection.
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Aluminum Profile Protection Film-1

Aluminum Profile Protection Film

Aluminum Protective Film features as below:

1.Anti-UV added in this adhesive film, last for 1 year out door.

2.Perfect protection for aluminum sheet, ACP, anodized, powder coated profiles.

3.Film thickness, adhesion, roll size can be made as requirement

4.Printing can be made with maximum 3 different colors on the adhesive films.

5.Excellent self-developed adhesive, adhere well, easy to move without any residue.


Product:Aluminum Profile Protection Film

Color:Clear, Black and White, Blue, Red, etc.

Thickness:30 microns – 200 microns.

Length:50m to 2000m

Width:10mm to 1560mm

Printability:Maximum 3 colors on the surface

Adhesion:In range of 10 to 1000g/25mm

Adhesive:Water-based emulsion resin; Solvent acrylic resin.


-Surface protection for anodized, smooth powder coating, rough, sand coated aluminum profiles and sheets, sandwich panels, alloy coils, pre-painted color steel, roof plate, etc

-Self developed exclusive adhesive for different metals, which depends on the roughness of surface.


-Stable adhering capacity.

-Environmental, durable, recyclable, safe.

-Acid-resistant, alkali-resistant, moisture-proof, anti-corrosion


-Easy to adhere, easy to peel off without any residue.

Packing:Box per roll, wrap by thick paper, pallet package, or as required.

MOQ:20000 square meter

Lead Time:10~25 days

Payment terms:Fob Shunde/Guangzhou/Shenzhen Port; 100% paid before shipment.

Aluminum Profile Protection Film-5

Material use

1. Medium adhesion suitable for anodized, smooth powder coating aluminum profiles and sheets.

2. High adhesion for rough, sand coated surface of aluminum profiles and sheets

3. No matter what kinds of metal surface, they can be protected with Hualibao Aluminum Profile Protection Film during welding, shearing, punching, bending, transportation, storage and installation. 


1. Aluminum surface shall be dry, free from dust, oil, solvents or other chemicals before protective film lamination

2. Use laminating machines with rubber coated press rollers. 

3. The best surrounding shall be at +15°C to 40°C.

4. Try to eliminate or minimize film elongation, and the formation of air bubbles and folds during lamination. 

5.The film is not suitable for extreme thermoforming.

6.Removing the film is advisable to perform in the temperature range 5°C to 40°C (Not below 5°C).

Scenes to be used

1. Hualibao protective film BH110-90 Medium adhesion suitable for anodized, smooth powder coating aluminum profiles and sheets.

2. Hualibao protective film BH300-90 High adhesion for rough, sand coated surface of aluminum profiles and sheets

Aluminum Profile Protection Film-7Aluminum Profile Protection Film-4

Standard roll will be wrapped with bubble film or paper board, and then put into cartons and stacked on pallets as per export packing requirement. Special packaging requirement can be negotiated.